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A gathering of recent sermons from St. Christopher's. Take a moment to be centered, to be renewed, to be challenged, to be sent....


Jul 08

Wash and Be Clean: Sermon on God and Ordinary Stuff

The poets are always calling us back to the here and now, and so is our faith. It’s the message of the gospel, really: God shows up in ordinary stuff. In human life; in words and in water; in bread and wine, broken and poured out….

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Apr 23

Bombs, Earthquakes, and Barriers: A Sermon on All That Tries to Stand in the Way of God’s Grace

It’s a hard week to come together and proclaim the Easter faith of resurrection and new life. But behind each seemingly tame, casual question, there’s a current of hurt and isolation and hope running deep and wide–maybe even wide enough to touch our lives this week….

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Apr 08

Recognizing Jesus: A Sermon for the Second Sunday of Easter

And that’s how it is with Jesus. The actions give him away. We recognize Christ’s presence where Christ is acting through others, doing the things Christ did: blessing bread, breaking it, and giving it for all….

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Mar 31

Misleading Trumpets – Sermon for Easter Day

The trumpets can be misleading–because ultimately the Easter news is not the bold brass of certainty but the mysterious wind of faith. Do you find it hard to believe the news of the empty tomb? You’re in good company….

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Mar 04

Sermon on Trees, Repentance, and a Loving Gardener

Imagine a tree, tended by a loving gardener. That’s what repentance is like, Jesus says. Be aware of those who are offering you love and care and patience; be aware of the breath in your lungs and the blood in your veins and the gift of a day to love and to serve. Root down deeply into that good soil….

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