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A gathering of recent sermons from St. Christopher’s. Take a moment to be centered, to be renewed, to be challenged, to be sent….


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Baptism of Our Lord, 2012

Andy Willis St. Christopher’s Community Church Baptism of Our Lord / 8 January 2012 Mark 1:4-11   We all know how great gobs of people spent New Year’s Eve in New York City this year: packed shoulder-to-shoulder in Times Square, watching a crystal-studded ball drop amidst deafening cheers, thousands of lights, pounding music and celebrity …

Christmas Eve, 2011

Andy Willis St. Christopher’s Community Church Christmas Eve / 24 December 2011 Luke 2:1-20   “All right—so where is Jesus tonight?” That always seemed to be the question at my house on Christmas Eve when I was growing up.  Like lots of families, we set up our nativity scene weeks before Christmas when we decorated …

Third Sunday of Advent, 2011

Andy Willis St. Christopher’s Community Church 11 December 2011 / Advent 3 Isaiah 61 / John 1:6-8, 19-28   I don’t think there’s any other way to say it: a baptism on John the Baptist Sunday is just plain cool.  For one thing, it makes the pastor (or this pastor, anyway), feel especially edgy, getting …