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Leading in worship

Worship is the work of the whole community, so there are many ways St. Christopher’s members assist with leading worship:

  • Greeters welcome the community to worship
  • Readers read the scripture lessons aloud each week
  • Chalice bearers help to lead the community’s prayers and serve Communion
  • Coffee hosts provide and serve refreshments following worship.

Interested in helping to lead worship in any of these ways? Contact Becky Finn in the church office for more information.

The church choir also helps lead worship on most Sundays from September through May. The choir is open to all and practices on Thursday evenings at 7pm.  Contact our church musician, Jeff Sprengel, for more information.

For Readers and anyone interested in seeing the upcoming scripture lessons, here is a link to the Lectionary page that helps us plan most of our Sunday services: