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Our community

WELCOME to St. Christopher’s Community Church, a gathering of people from all walks of life seeking to follow Jesus at the heart of the Steamboat Island community.

We’re thinkers and prayers, seekers and hopers, friends and servants, and we share a deep confidence in God’s love for the world. We hope you will find ways here to connect with our community.

As a Christian community, our faith provides a center and guide for our lives.  We gather for weekly worship and time together, and our identity as people of faith leads us to live with thoughtfulness, gratitude, and compassion.

Our History

St. Christopher’s Community Church was founded in 1959 as a mission congregation of the Episcopal Church in the Steamboat Island community west of Olympia.  The congregation originally met in Rignall Hall, a meeting house not far from the present church building, and relied on the help of lay readers and visiting clergy to help lead the community’s worship.

In 1971, construction was completed on the church building.  Members had volunteered their time and energy in this labor of love, and the building still bears the marks of their careful and beautiful work.

The congregation has been a source of strength and comfort to many in the community over the years, providing a center for worship, reflection, learning, and service.  In 2011, after years of discernment and exploration, the church completed the process of becoming a “federated” congregation of the Episcopal Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).  You can read more about what being a two-denomination church is all about here.

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